Treat your groom to these amazing gifts on your wedding day


Whilst marrying you should be the greatest gift of all, you may find that your man is even more impressed if you get him a little something extra. But what to buy the man who is soon to have everything?

We have put together the best gifts to treat your man to on the big day. Now all you need to do is decide which one he would love the most!

Traditional gifts

One of the most traditional gifts for men for any special occasion is the watch. Not only are they traditional but they can be amazingly stylish. If you have a thoroughly modern man then, why not go for a standard wrist watch, or for the man who loves a spot of vintage, you could instead opt for pocket watch. It really is all about how well you know him and his own personal style.

Another traditional idea is cufflinks, these can be engraved or stamped with your own personal message. That could be your initials or perhaps the date of the big day. Best of all, these can be re-worn time and time again.

Something arty

Do you have a man who loves a personal and sentimental approach to gifts? Maybe they would be better suited to an arty creation? Why not frame a record of your first dance (or a CD if you can’t find it on vinyl)? Or you could put a collection of photos of you both together through the years.

A treat for honeymoon

If you are heading off on honeymoon straight after the wedding day, then maybe a gift that he can pack for the trip is the ideal one for him? If he likes to take care of his skin, then a luxury toiletries set is perfect. Or if you are jetting off somewhere sunny, a pair of designer sunglasses are going to be a welcome present.

Something from you

Stuck for ideas of something to give to your man? Why not give yourself? Sounds a little strange, but stay with us. You could organise a super sexy boudoir photoshoot to capture all your glamorous beauty, or perhaps tackle some burlesque lessons to give him a lovely treat on the wedding night (or save it up for the honeymoon).

No matter what you buy him, it will be thought that will touch him the most. After all, there is plenty to think about before your wedding day, the idea that you made an effort to think about him is a lovely one! So whether it is gig tickets, a driving experience day, or perhaps just a voucher for some “him time” treat your groom and make sure he feels loved before saying your vows.