The most ridiculous celebrity wedding gifts

Celebrity wedding gifts.jpg

For some people organising a wedding gift list is easy. You can think of all those little bits and bobs that you need to start your new married life, or perhaps a contribution towards your honeymoon. However, for some couples, it can be tricky to put together a wedding gift list. They may not know what to buy, or may be worried that their requests are too extravagant. So, if you are worried that your coffee machine and saucepan set is a little on the expensive side, we have put together the most ridiculous celebrity wedding gifts. All to make you feel better about even your costlier choices.

Kim Kardashian’s over the top wedding list: Kim Kardashian is a woman known for her expensive tastes, and even during her early (and short marriage) to basketball player Kris Humphries she knew what she wanted in her gift list, in fact, her collection of gold napkin rings, salad serving spoons and Baccarat vase totalled £432,000. So don’t feel bad about asking for a couple of expensive items on your list.

Kate Moss and her crystal ashtrays: She may not be short of money herself, but that didn’t stop Kate Moss making some pretty grand requests during her 2011 wedding to Jamie Hince. The guests had to make their choice from a £6,600 silk rug, a £4,750 cocktail set and 14 crystal ashtrays that were £240 each. Now aren’t you glad that you didn’t get an invite?

The strange thing about Stella McCartney Now for something a little bit different, rather than asking for gold homewares or additions to her kitchen, she wanted something altogether more environmentally aware. When she married Alasdhair Willis in 2003 she asked her guests to give them trees as their gifts. All to go towards the forest in the grounds of their home in Worcester.

A housewife desperate for silver cocktail stirrers Eva Longoria is a woman who loves her cocktails, something that was obvious when you take a look through her 2007 wedding gift list. One of the requests were for silver cocktail stirrers that came from Tiffany and cost $100 each. That’s an expensive way to make sure your Mojito is beautifully mixed.

Who needs 4 soup tureens? Liza Minelli does! A soup tureen may not seem like the most obvious gift choice for a wedding list, let alone 4. Liza Minelli was always going to be an extravagant bride, and her fourth wedding in 2002 to David Gest was no surprise. One of the most interesting additions to their list include 4 Elsa Peretti soup tureens, each one costing $4,000.

So, there you have it. Some of the craziest requests ever seen on a celebrity gift list. Why not push the boat out and have some of your dream gifts added to your list? Just make sure that you have one or two smaller cost gifts so that your guests have some options to consider.