The secret to bridesmaid dress shopping


When it comes to buying things for your wedding day, there can be some really tricky choices. For brides, one of the most difficult things has to be finding the bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaids are supposed to be your helping hand, your support throughout the entire process, and whilst it is true for so much of the run up to the big day, finding their dresses can be the biggest headache of all.

Thankfully, there are some ways that you can make bridesmaid dress shopping the ultimate success. To help you make it a catwalk rather than a catastrophe, we have put together the secrets to bridesmaid’s dress shopping.

Have a set plan and idea on what it is that you want

Whilst it is a great idea to have plenty of options to consider, you may find that you feel a little overwhelmed. It may be wise to draw up a firm plan on the type of dresses that you want, or at least an idea of what you want them to try on.

Not sure on what you are looking for? Think about your wedding day. If you are getting married in the spring, then maybe you will want to look at light and fresh colours, if the date is set for the summer, then you may want a bright colour.

Consider the shapes and sizes of your bridesmaid and think about the types of dresses that are best going to suit them.

But be prepared to make changes

Okay, so this may be slightly contradicting the previous statement, but you should also be prepared for some setbacks to your plan. You may find that the dresses that you have in mind are way out of your budget, or they simply do not work with your bridesmaids.

You may need to consider other options at the drop of a hat, so if you are not a quick thinker, it may be a good idea to have a deputy on hand to help you figure out what is going to work.

It may mean that you allow your bridesmaids to wear a different style of dress or colour of dress. Or that you re-think something you originally had planned. It may not be ideal, but happy bridesmaids are a sure fire way to a happy bride.

Remember that it is fun

If you worry too much about finding a bridesmaid dress, then you may find that you take all the fun out of the process. Wedding planning can be incredibly serious, so any points that you can find fun in, make sure you do.

Bridesmaid dress shopping is a time to come together with the most special ladies in your life, so try not to feel too much stress when it comes to finding what they will wear.

Be positive and everything will fall into place! Let’s just hope your bridesmaids do too!