Honeymoon Destinations Newly Weds Should Have in Their Bucket List


Making a decision of where to go for honeymoon might be tough for some people. It’s a hefty decision, not because it has any life-shattering implications, but because it marks the end of months of hard work. A honeymoon is the best way to mark the start of glorious wedded bliss.

So which destination should you pick for your honeymoon? Well, according to Facebook ‘check in’ couples from all over the world love going to Las Vegas for their honeymoon, followed closely by Hawaii. However, not everyone is looking to spend their first few days in the party capital of Nevada.

Some couples want a scenic retreat away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If that sounds like you, then there are a few suggestions you might want to explore. Some of these locations are fantastic if the two of you share a passion for exploring and a taste for adventure. Here are a few fantastic honeymoon location suggestions worth checking out.

Barcelona, Spain

Of course Barcelona is a great choice for a honeymoon destination. It has it all:

  • Gorgeous beaches – Somorrostro and Sant Miquel beaches come to mind.

  • Bubbly nightlife – Make sure you check out the La Macarena Club, the pulse of Barcelona’s city music scene.

  • Spanish architecture -   The Sagrada Familia and the Gothic Quarter Barcelona are some of the architecture sites you should check out.

Apart from that, the Spanish capital has a romantic allure to it. The culture, food, and everything else just speaks to your romantic side. The saying goes, if Barcelona was a boyfriend, he’d be the one on a motorcycle and brings you flowers every time.

Cape Town, South Africa

Africa has always been a favorite destination for tourists and honeymooners alike, and Cape Town’s stunning beaches and scenic mountains make up for the perfect honeymoon location. But there’s a lot more to Cape Town. Known for its local wines and superb dining experience, Cape Town has everything a newlywed couple wants in terms of luxury, safaris and night life. You’ll find the locals there quite friendly, and you might learn a thing or two about marriage life from them.

Costa Rica

What’s better than going to a place where you can see the rain forest with all its flora and fauna? Costa Rica is another obvious, but oft overlooked, honeymoon destination. You’ll meet a laid-back kind of life there. You can’t help but imagine getting a cottage there in your golden years where you’ll share every moment with your loved one.