Getting married in the West Midlands?

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One of the best things about getting married in the West Midlands is that it is the perfect combination of rural venues and city based locations. That means, no matter what type of wedding you think will be perfect for you and your groom, you are likely to find it here.

Thinking about getting wed in the West Midlands and need to find some inspiration? Why not take a look at some of the most amazing places that you can say I do in the West Midlands?

Warwick House 

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There is something truly luxurious about Warwick House. Whether it is the amazing grounds that surround the building, or the truly elegant interior design, plenty of people have chosen this Southam based house in Warwickshire as the wedding venue for their entire wedding day!

Curradine Barns

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If you like the idea of getting hitched in a wonderfully rural location, then Curradine Barns in Kidderminster is ideal. The perfect countryside venue, the barns are 19th century restored buildings that really give the ideal backdrop for the best wedding day ever. Exposed brickwork and beams are combined with modern touches, which come together to create a wedding that you will remember.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

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Want something a little different for your wedding day? If you do, then why not try out the Birmingham Botanical Gardens? A natural setting, not only is this a wonderful place to get married, but you will also be surrounded by the hustle and bustle of city life too. Making it ideal for those looking for a city wedding that still has all the natural beauty of a lush green one.

St Mary’s Guildhall

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If you fancy a touch of history on your wedding day, then this is the venue for you. An interesting location to say I do, you can just imagine yourself sitting down for your wedding breakfast, in a place where Shakespeare has performed. Not to mention an assortment of kings and queens too.

Newlands Bishop Farm

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Some couples simply love the idea of being able to get married right in the heart of the great outdoors. If this the case for you, then you will be hard pressed to find a better venue than Newlands Bishop Farm. This Solihull working farm is opened to you from 4pm on a Friday right through to the Sunday at 6pm if you want it to, and is a truly versatile space for you to make your own.

Looking to make a modern wedding, a city based marriage or perhaps something a little bit different? The West Midlands is the place for you. With plenty of amazing venues that you can say I do.

 So, for the best of both worlds, and to cover all sorts of different wedding styles, the West Midlands really is a great place to go. Now all you need to do is choose which venue is right for you from all the great choices that you have.