How to get save the date right!

Save the date.jpg

So, everything is coming together for your wedding day, you have your perfect venue and the date is set. Now you just need to make sure that you have some guests there.

This is the time when many couples decide to send out a “save the date” to their nearest and dearest. But how do you make sure that you send them out at the right time?

The earlier the better

The idea behind a save the date is that it gives your guests the chance to add your wedding day into their diary, and make sure they don’t book a holiday or double book themselves. Whilst it is a good idea to try and send it as early as you can. That said, too early, and you may worry that people will forget about the big day.

The ideal time frame to aim for is 8 months before your wedding day.

I don’t know all the details 

This really doesn’t matter. The save the date is just a chance for your guests to note down when  your big day is going to  be, not the finer details. This information is included in the formal invitations, that are sent around 3 months before the day.

Get the basics clear

If you are limiting the amount of people that you are inviting, then you may want to get this clear on the save the date. This not only includes partners, but also children too. If you are inviting people who have children, but not the children themselves, then this will give them plenty of chance to arrange a babysitter.

What about the evening guests?

The general rule is that you won’t be sending out save the dates to the evening guests, just the ceremony guests. However, the save the date may prompt some guests to say that they won’t be coming, which means that you can sneakily bump up some of the guests to the VIP list!

Include your theme

Chances are that you already know your theme for your wedding day. So why not include this within your save the date. This not only gives your guests a chance to get an idea of the theme, but allows you to be creative too.

Choose the best way for you

Some people like to send out a traditional card save the date, some go for a magnet that can be added to a fridge door, and some go virtual emailing or sending out a message to let their guests know when to book time off work.

 No matter what you do, the main aim of your save the date is to ensure that the people you really want there are there.