The all important questions to ask your wedding venue

Wedding venue questions.jpg

Finding a venue is one of the hardest parts of your wedding day planning. You can visit several different places before you find the ideal one for you. As the search is hard, when you find the right venue there is always a chance that you are going to get carried away and book it before you even ask them any questions.

To make sure that you don’t do this, we have put together some of the all important questions that you should take the time to ask your wedding venue.

Who will be looking after us on the big day?

Whilst you may meet with a wedding co-ordinator on your big day, this person isn’t always the one who will look after you on the day. It is important that you ask who will be looking after you during your wedding day, and if it is not the wedding co-ordinator then you should ask how they will make sure that your needs will be looked after.

When can we get access to the space that we need?

Some wedding venues may allow you the entire weekend period to set up and style your space, but others, particularly those that are busy, will have other weddings to hold before and after yours. This means that it is important to ask when you will be able to gain access to the space that you need, including hotel rooms for the guests if this is included in your deal.

Do you offer dinner the night before or breakfast the morning after?

Similar to the above point, if you want to turn your wedding into a bit of a longer celebration, then you may want to ask your venue whether they offer a dinner the night before you say I do. This is great if you have guests that are coming from further afield, and that are planning on staying with you, as you can have dinner together. You should also check out the breakfast plans for the following morning too.

What restrictions are there that we should know about?

This is a relatively general question, but one that is always worth asking. The venue may have a set time for the DJ to be turned off, or perhaps restrictions on flash photography. All of these things could have an impact on your big day.

Finding the perfect venue for your wedding day is an exciting time. But you should try not to get too carried away with the idea of it all. Instead, think sensibly and plan out what you need to know, and you can make sure that you have everything that you need in place.