The aspects of your wedding that it is always best not to DIY

wedding diy donts.jpg

There are a variety of reasons why brides and grooms decide to DIY some parts of their wedding. They could be trying to cut down on costs, or perhaps they like the idea of something a little more personal and home made.

This works great for some parts of your wedding, however, there are equally some parts that you should never DIY.

Here are the things that you should steer clear of DIYing.

The cake

Now, we are not saying that you shouldn’t have a home made cake. In fact, if you have a friend or family member who is a great baker, then this can really help cut down on costs and give your wedding a personal touch. However, you should really stay away from giving the job of head baker to yourself. You may be a great baker, but you are going to have so much to think about and do before the big day, the last thing you will want is to be worrying about cake recipes and icing!

The dresses

Sure, wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses are expensive to buy, but this is an expensive that can be really worth sucking up. It may be tempting to make your own, particularly if you are good with a sewing machine, but you may quickly realise that this won’t work, and if you haven’t left yourself with much time then you, or your bridesmaids may be left with nothing to wear!

Your hair

Wedding hair stylists are popular for a reason. This is often because they are able to take the stress and strain of styling your hair for the big day away from you. You may be perfectly capable of styling your hair, but on the morning of your wedding day you are going to be a big bundle of nerves, and shaky hands do not mix well with hair styles. Take the stress off of yourself and get a professional to do your hair. You will be grateful to have someone else taking the strain.

The photographs

We cannot emphasis enough how important a wedding photographer is for your big day. They are professionals who are tasked with capturing all the beautiful images of your special day. This is something that you should never DIY, and whilst it is a lovely idea to have someone in the family take the photographs, it may work best to have them do this alongside a professional.

Your music

Plenty of couples like the idea of having an iPod for music, as this can save you money on a DJ. But, the idea of having to worry about what song is coming up next, or running backwards and forwards to select tunes, isn’t great. Much like a photographer, a good wedding DJ or entertainment company is always worthwhile spending out on.

So, there you have it. Some of the aspects of your wedding day that you should never DIY. Whilst there are some great ways that you can DIY parts of your wedding day, sometimes you just need to bit the bullet and spend out on things, else you could end up regretting it.