The Weirdest Places You Can Get Married

Weird places to get married.jpg

You may have a vision of marriage and  weddings that isn’t too far away from everyone else’s – a church or registry  office service, pews and rows of family, one or two sobbing uncontrollably – an  organ playing that same old tune like it’s going out of fashion!  If tradition is your thing then that’s  absolutely fine with us – but why not mix it up a little?  We’ve had a look for some of the world’s  strangest knot-tying ceremonies, and think they might just persuade you to take  a little walk on the wild side…


If you’re a particularly outdoorsy  couple, or simply come from a stock of adventurers and mountain climbers alike,  why not arrange to have your summary on top of one of the world’s highest and  most famous peaks?  From Ayers Rock in  Australia to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, US, couples have been scaling the  dizzying heights of the planet’s natural beauty for years – and it’s a trend  that’s showing no sign of stopping!


If you’re expecting plenty of guests at  your big day but wouldn’t mind a few more joining at the last minute – and who  aren’t likely to help themselves to any more of the cake – then why not arrange  your nuptials around animals?  As bizarre  as that may sound, there are a number of reserves, zoos and estates worldwide  that cater for weddings and other such occasions, such as South Africa’s exotic  Crocodile Farm, the world-famous Singapore Zoo out east (where you can even  arrive by elephant) and New York’s Atlantis Marine World, where couples have  been known to have tied the knot in full view of man-eating sharks and all  manner of ocean beasties!


If you’re a couple with very specific  tastes, shared hobbies or interests, than you may well wish to consider holding  your nuptials somewhere both related to your personalities while going a little  bit off the wall at the same time!  Big  readers?  Hold your wedding in a library!  Thrill seekers?  Say your vows on a roller coaster!  Alternatively, for the more sedate among you,  you may even want to hold your wedding at home – it’s certainly the cheapest  option going, and dependent on where in the world you’re holding things, all  you need is a minister (and a big enough house might help too)!


Bear in mind that all the ideas we’ve  shared here had to start somewhere – often as the brainchild of a particularly  brave or imaginative couple!  There have  been marriages at the bases of volcanoes, in Antarctica, in people’s back yards  – everywhere.  Wherever you choose to  hold your wedding, why not make it that bit more personal?  Be creative, be imaginative and make it  unique to you and your partner.  While  tradition is great for those who love the idea of an ideal wedding and the  romanticism that comes with it, there’s absolutely no reason – albeit law  depending upon local laws where you intend to marry – why you can’t go a little  bit left field for the happiest day of your life.