All The Fun of The (Wedding) Fair - What's It All About?

Wedding Fair.jpg

If you’re recently engaged, or if you’ve had the ring on your finger for a while and are just getting around to arranging the minor (and major) details of your upcoming nuptials, it’s highly likely that you’ve been advised of, or are considering, attending a wedding fair – which, if you’re starting with a blank slate and are looking for a plethora of ideas and people to help make your day go off with a bang, is a fantastic idea – just make sure you have enough space for all the world’s business cards!

For many, the wedding fair can be quite overwhelming, and it’s clear to see why!  A wedding fair is an exhibition for suppliers and traders who, essentially, deal in wedding ceremonies!  From caterers to car hire, toastmasters to tableware – if you’re lucky (or not as the case may be!), you could come away with your entire wedding sorted out and paid for if you’re not careful!  If you are looking to see the market for wedding supply and are maybe even willing to put in an offer or two on the day, then a fair is absolutely worth your consideration.

However, don’t let it all get to you unless you’re absolutely ready – with suppliers and traders of all manner of ceremonial and traditional wares lining up for your interest, you are in fact in a very strong position – as it’s your wedding, you can make it as unique as you want to be – meaning that you can of course pick and choose from whichever stalls take your fancy – and don’t be afraid to show interest by taking a business card or details for a website or social media page.  You don’t have to show your interest with money, and this is certainly advisable if you are midway through budgeting for the day!

If you are keen to get as much sorted as possible via a fair or exhibitors’ event, then it is advisable to go as prepared as possible – i.e., draw up a list of considerations and a checklist of things that are essential to your ceremony.  It’s very likely that you will see a whole host of fantastic creations and ideas that may inspire you there and then – but by sticking to an organised list of essentials (that you can even budget for ahead of time if you are so advanced at this!), you can factor in the interesting extras at a later date.  Pay for the essential and business card the extras!

No wedding fair is the same as the next, nor are they essential to building a wedding ceremony.  They are a fantastic idea for couples who are struggling for ideas or are looking for suppliers and an easy way to tackle taking on the various components of the big day.  However, if you’re looking for a more unique ceremony, you can either pick and choose at will what you’d like to be involved, or – and this is controversial – maybe even avoid fairs altogether!