Thinking of booking a marquee for your wedding breakfast?

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Some good tips on booking a marquee for your wedding...

Holding a wedding sit down meal usually falls into three categories;

  • Large indoor dining space

  • Outdoor marquee

  • Combination of the two

Generally the venue you have chosen will dictate which of the above will be available for your wedding meal and they will be able to recommend marquee suppliers they work with on a regular basis.

Some venues will allow the option to hire the grounds only and this can be a cheaper way to hold your wedding at a stunning stately home without incurring the full hire fee.

Does the time of the year have any bearing on whether to book a marquee or not?

Most UK weddings are still held from May to September as this is when our weather is warmer and better light through into the evening. If you did decide to book a marquee wedding out of season however it isn’t a problem as space heaters and various linings make the inside space nice and cosy, whilst outdoor fire pits make for a great spectacle.

What happens if it looks like rain!

If you only have a marquee as your main entertaining and dining space for your wedding, make sure you book one that is big enough to accommodate your guests whilst stood up for the drinks/canapé reception. Ideally you want to be able to keep guests from disturbing the table settings that you have worked hard to arrange. This additional space can then be transformed into the evening dance floor so it’s room well worth having.

Alternatively if you have an indoor venue + dining marquee combination, the marquee can be off limits until called through for your meal- simple!

Marquee advantages:

The main advantages of using a marquee would be the ability to hold your wedding at a location of your choosing. This could be a large garden at the bride/groom’s family home or even their parents home. This allows a greater flexibility of timings and you wouldn’t be tied to a venues timetable.

Another perk of not using a venue is you would be able to supply all of your own alcohol without any corkage fees! It’s worth noting however that not all venues charge corkage so it’s always worth asking if in doubt.


Styles of Marquees:

The design and look of modern marquees are wide ranging so you can keep in line with a particular theme or look for your wedding.

Some current popular types are Tipi Marquees, Stretch Tents, Traditional Frame Marquees, Bell Tents, Vintage Canvas and Yurts.

You can really use your imagination and create the perfect marquee setup and feel from luxury, vintage, rustic or festival.



There are certainly savings to be made if you can source a free pitch for your marquee, whilst still not cheap to book it is certainly a good idea to make price comparisons between an indoor venue that could seat the same amount of guests.

Why not take a look at our venues that offer marquee services in your area and see what they can offer.

Another item worth thinking about if you have the space is to offer camping for your guests as this not only adds to the fun and atmosphere but saves them money on booking a B&B or hotel.

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