Wedding Day Canapés and Drinks Reception

Canapes and Drinks Reception.jpg

So you’ve got married, had the post ceremony photographs and now heading back to your venue to let the party begin with all your friends and family.

Now depending on the time you were married, chances are you’ll have some pretty hungry guests who’ll need a bit of sustenance to tide them through until dinner.

Timing of the Drinks Reception

There are a couple of ways to tackle the drinks reception/canapés as far as timings go;

  • 2 hours from start to beginning of main meal. This could include four canapés per guest. This works well if you are having a starter, main and dessert meal. The canapés won’t be too much food that it would affect your guest’s appetite for the meal to come.

  • 3 hours from start to beginning of main meal. This could include eight canapés per guest. This works well if you are skipping a starter and jumping straight into a main course. This allows for a longer more relaxed drinks reception, with guests having the extra canapés to fill them up.

Whichever way you choose the time goes pretty fast for the bride and groom, from meeting and greeting guests, photographs, to enjoying a drink and nibble. Planning is the key and your wedding planner or catering team will make sure you stay on track for the main meal.


Types Of Canapés

The choices of canapés are pretty much endless so it’s down to personal preference or what your caterers offer that will likely decide your selection.

You may decide to stick to some tried and tested favourites like mini beef burgers with relish, mini Yorkshire puddings with rare roast beef and horseradish cream, mini fish and chips with tartare sauce or cocktail sausages with a blue cheese dip . Food in ‘mini’ format is fun and your guests will be able to pick and choose as they wish.

Another way to approach what to choose is to select something slightly more challenging. As each canapé is fairly small your guests may try something they normally wouldn’t order at a restaurant for example. This makes for talking points as your guests discuss what’s on offer and how brave they’ve been to try something out of the ordinary!

Examples of this could be: ceviche of bass (cured in lemon or lime juice), shots of gazpacho (cold spiced tomato soup), fresh mackerel nori rolls or a fresh crab crostini.


Dietary Needs

It’s also important to note that at any large event you will have any number of guests with dietary needs so it’s important to find out this information from your RSVP’s. You can then pass on the information to your caterers who can make something separate for these guests and make them feel included.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas of how to approach your canapé drinks reception, the key thing is to make sure everything is planned ahead of time and you have enough canapés and of course enough bubbly to wash them down with!

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