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Want cash for your wedding gifts? Here is the best way to go about asking for this

It used to be the case that the happy couple would create a wedding list prior to their big day. This would then give guests the chance to select a gift that they could then use in their future lives together.

Whilst this may have worked for a generation who would move in together after they were married, it might not work quite as well now. Many couples now live together before they get married, which means that household gifts are not quite as welcome. Instead, they are asking for money, often for a honeymoon or a treat after the wedding.

The trouble with this, is that it can be a bit tricky to know the right way to ask for money from your guests.

Here to help, we have put together the best way to go about asking for cash gifts from your guests.

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Treat your groom to these amazing gifts on your wedding day

Whilst marrying you should be the greatest gift of all, you may find that your man is even more impressed if you get him a little something extra. But what to buy the man who is soon to have everything?

We have put together the best gifts to treat your man to on the big day. Now all you need to do is decide which one he would love the most!

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