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What to expect your bridesmaids to do on your big day

Your bridesmaids are more than just a group of ladies that you choose to look gorgeous in all your photos. They are also a support network to the bride too. They are there to make sure that the bride feels calm as well as having everything she needs.

Asking someone to be your bridesmaid is a big honour for them, however, they should definitely understand what will be expected of them throughout the run up to the wedding and the big day itself. To help you along your way, we have put together some of the things to expect from your bridesmaids on your big day.

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Have children do your wedding reading

The majority of wedding ceremonies, whether in a church or a civil service will have time for a reading built in. Readings are an incredibly personal addition to the service and are often read out by someone who is very dear to the couple.

The normal tradition is to have an adult delivering the reading, but there is absolutely nothing to say that a child couldn’t take on this job instead. So, if you have a special child in your life that you think could be up to the task, then we have put together some fantastic readings that are not only simple enough to be perfect for children, but are incredibly touching too.

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It's only words - Speeches, vows and why they matter

A staple part of both the wedding ceremony and the traditional dinner and toasts is a traditional choice of words and speeches – at the ceremony itself, you have an exchange of vows that have remained fairly standard throughout the years, and at the dinner following this, you have the famous speeches from the family of the couple at the main table.  Words are a huge part of any wedding, and choosing the right ones can change the feel of the whole event.  Some best man speeches are best left forgotten – but as society becomes more flexible in their approach to tradition, so does the idea of such speeches and even the vows.  Essentially, it’s your wedding – and at your wedding, you and anyone else can say whatever they like!

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